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Akiva's Journey

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9th July 2003

8:52am: Beautiful People
I am totally shocked to see how many of my acquaintances are single. I see drop-dead beautiful people all over, but none of them seem to be happily attached. It seems like the are all looking for "the right person". I just don't get it!
Current Mood: pensive

2nd July 2003

12:12pm: How it all began.
Sheldon To Akiva: A Crossover of Extremes

Originally appeared as Akiva Smith -- Christian Lay Pastor "Crosses" Over -- Is Now A Frum [Orthodox] Jew by Paul Deckelman. (c) November, 1999. Pages 76-81. Country Yossi Magazine (1310 48th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11219).
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10:51am: Hello All,

This is a test. My very first post. I am sure that I will enjoy the Live Journal once I get the hang of things!

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